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"Love is in the details!"  Give me some chalk and a driveway and I'll draw you a city with my kids!"  I'm the first to volunteer to host a party.  I love bringing people together.  It fills my heart.  To create an event that nobody wants to leave is my goal.  I could spend a lifetime coming up with decor ideas for my home.  My favorite hobby at home is playing landscape designer on my 5 acres in Michigan then photographing it!  I have never met a flower I didn't like! 


"It just feels right to be on the move." My entire childhood was spent running, skiing, swimming, and playing soccer.  Driven, determined, and passionate would describe my heart.  I loved playing soccer on a full scholarship at Michigan State.  I made friends and created a lifetime of memories.  Today, if I'm traveling for pleasure, I am going somewhere I can hike, climb, and paddle.  Sitting still is just not my thing!  At 38 years old I am still rocking a 6 pack even after 3 pregnancies and major complications.  Only issue is if I am not flexing I look pregnant!!  #diastasis recti will do that to a mom!!


Inner peace and acceptance is the answer.  If you don't have peace in your heart it doesn't matter if your vacationing in Fiji or the moon.  Mental health follows you wherever you go.  I live my life in balance.  After years of serious health complications I have found that balance for my body involves clean eating vegan (plus eggs) diet, sleep habits, therapy, probiotics, and doing things I love.  Happiness to me is being in our garden picking strawberries with my kids, walking our dog, playing with my children, exercise, hanging with my husband, and creating usable art.