I'm a mom to 3 amazing children.  I have two boys and one girl that light up my world.  The feeling that I have in my heart from my children must be what heaven feels like.  My husband is the hardest working man I have ever met.  He has shown me through his own journey to business success that anything is possible if you believe in yourself  and you are willing to work for it.  His wholesale mortgage bank went from a complete unknown in 2003 to the #1 largest wholesale mortgage company in America since 2015!  

I believe in chasing dreams.  We only have one life to live so I'm living mine to the fullest.  I have witnessed loved ones chase their dreams such as my mom fighting to get another day on this earth while battling cancer or my husband turning his business from a 12 person shop to a 2600 person corporation.  Even I was faced with my own battles of finding health after years of illness; today, fortunately, I have my health and my family so in my eyes I have everything.  Filling my mind, body, and soul with balance.  I eat clean, try to stay on a regular sleep schedule, practice mindfulness, use my energy to focus on infinite possibilities.  Because at the end of the day....  Dreams were meant to be lived.  

Mom and wife


My life journey has brought me unbelievable insite and guidance for how I live my life today.  Things were not always easy for me. My physical health starting in my 30s was riddled with horrible life threatening infections and uncommon treatments.  Top that with fertility issues and mental health pain that created a storm inside me.  Most of my outlook today has been uncovered layer by layer after years of therapy and a variety of other techniques to create a calmer environment in my mind.  All the while trying to cope with the loss of my mother, heal myself from both the physical illnesses that developed inside me and mental imbalance of severe anxiety that made my life a living hell some days.

Today I live my life the fullest I can.  I chase after my dreams, I try to do it all because after what I have lived through I know that tomorrow is not gaurentee for any of us.  I create balance between my own self goals, my family time, and always pairing this with healthy eating and exercise in hopes to feel the best I can each day I get on this planet with my family.


Just go for it!


Fitness ~ Outdoor Party Planning ~  Decorating ~ hiking ~  landscape design ~ Paddle boarding ~ biking ~ long walks with my goldendoodle ~ swimming ~ climbing ~ beach walking ~ gardening ~ nutrition ~ hanging at the park with my kids ~ skiing ~ boating ~ photography ~ lunches and dinner with friends ~ hosting huge playdates 

If it's outdoors, I'm in!